Here are a few things that I find amusing or fun in some way.

Funny Sign at a Business

Please neuter your pets and weird friends

This was displayed in my old neighborhood in Lilburn, Georgia, in 2003.
For a full-size view, click on the photo above.

TV Sweeps From Hell

Voice over artist Charlie Van Dyke's web site seems to have disappeared. On his site was his hilarious promotion spoof, "TV Sweeps From Hell" — a humorous take on promoting local television news, especially during the ratings "sweeps" months (February, May and November).  I have been unsuccessful in contacting Charlie, so since he made the parody freely available it is now available here for your enjoyment:

What Women Want

What Women Want

In late 2000 the WAGA-TV “Road Warrior,” Brett Martin, put together a humorous piece related to the movie, “What Women Want”, and I was a part of it.

Flying In A Blimp!


Sometimes rank does have its privileges! I think it was back in 1999 that we had a live shot from the Blockbuster blimp for WAGA-TV’s “Good Day Atlanta” broadcast. Someone had to operate the microwave transmitter and antenna, right? 

Amateur “Ham” Radio

I’ve been a licensed amateur “ham” radio operator since I was 11 years old. (For those who care, my callsigns have been WN2UDS, WA2UDS, KA7BZM, and currently KB7UV.)

Ham Radio had a lot to do with my television broadcast career. For general and USA-specific Amateur Radio information, check out the website of ARRL - the national association for amateur radio in the USA.

So What Is Amateur ("Ham") Radio?

Even in the computer age, Amateur "Ham" Radio is an exciting hobby and service.

"Hams" can talk around the world, use (our own!) satellites, send television pictures, do computer-to-computer communications over-the-air, and more.

Usually "hams" are having fun — competing against each other in on-air contests, trying to talk to as many different countries (or states, or US counties, or islands, etc.) as they can for various operating awards, building or modifying antennas and radios, making new friends all over the world, or just chatting with old friends. …

Country Swing Dance

Scan of a bumper sticker given out to promote Country Swing dance lessons held at the Stumble Inn, Tucson, Arizona, during the late 1970s and early 1980s. “Dancing Dan" Gaul (one of my apartment-mates for a time) ran the classes, and after I became a good enough country-swing dancer I even taught a few classes myself.

And lest I forget: I was half of the 6th-Place couple in the 1981 Arizona Country Swing Dance Championship.

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