Skywarn® on The Weather Channel

SKYWARN® is a program of the National Weather Service, working with other organizations, that trains volunteers, with communications capabilities, as severe weather spotters. Because of the need for these volunteers to have communications capabilities, and the tradition of amateur “ham” radio operators to use their skills and equipment for public service, a good portion of these volunteers are radio hams.

Today (7 December 2013) was SKYWARN® Recognition Day, intended to thank and honor these volunteers. Much of this was through on–air, amateur radio activities, with ham stations operating at a large number of National Weather Service offices. One of these was the NWS Peachtree City, Georgia office, where Georgia Amateur Radio Emergency Service® (ARES) Assistant Section Emergency Coordinator Lynn Bianco, KN4YZ was operating. Lynn kindly took the time to do a Skype interview on the Weather Channel this morning, while I happened to be working as the Technical Production Manager in the control room. (I confused Lynn a bit when, while checking–in his audio, instead of asking him for a mic check I said “CQ DX, CQ DX, this is KB7UV, Over!”)

Here’s the clip from YouTube: