This is my personal website. It's been online since the days when websites were listed in printed directories, kinda like phone books. (Phone books were printed directories listing the names, addresses, and telephone numbers for people in a given community. Why were trees wasted this way? That was years BG — Before Google.) 

The most recent complete redesign of this site was in mid-May, 2013. Use the navigation menu, above, to visit the varied content here, and you can send me an email from the “Site and Contact Info” page.

Professional Highlights

  • Currently Technical Production Manager at The Weather Channel, primarily responsible for “Wake Up With Al.”
  • Four Emmy™ Awards for Technical Achievement, four Emmy™ awards for Best Newscast, and four additional Emmy™ nominations.
  • Reduced costs, improved productivity and increased flexibility by moving to photojournalist-operated live shots, achieving additional remotes per newscast with existing staff.
  • Transitioned field operations to tapeless acquisition and nonlinear editing, improving responsiveness and reliability.
  • Implemented low cost system enabling “embedded” crew to edit and feed video from Kuwait and Iraq utilizing off-the-shelf hardware and software.
  • Developed, published and implemented safety program for Electronic News Gathering (ENG) operations accepted and adopted by numerous stations and the government of Canada.
  • Technical Production Manager and Transmission for 24 camera, live parade broadcast originating from ten remote ground locations and two helicopters.

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