• Currently Technical Production Manager at The Weather Channel cable network (not the website or apps – IBM owns those).
  • Four Emmy™ Awards for Technical Achievement (WAGA), four Emmy™ awards for Best Newscast (WAGA), and four additional Emmy™ nominations. (WCBS–TV, WAGA)
  • Reduced costs, improved productivity and increased flexibility by moving to photojournalist-operated live shots, achieving additional remotes per newscast with existing staff. (KTRK)
  • Transitioned field operations to tapeless acquisition and nonlinear editing, improving responsiveness and reliability. (KTRK)
  • Created “Dispose–A–Cam,” a low–cost, waterproofed system using a “prosumer” camera, AC and battery power, with wired, WiFi and cellular data transmission that provided view of the Gulf Of Mexico from a Galveston hotel balcony during hurricane coverage. (KTRK)
  • Created the first live, automatically tabulated election results on an Atlanta television website. (WAGA)
  • Created “RunnerCam” — live broadcasting from the perspective of a runner actually participating in the Peachtree Road Race, utilizing a small 2 GHz transmitter via helicopter relay. (WAGA)
  • Implemented low cost system enabling embedded crew to edit and feed video from Kuwait and Iraq utilizing off-the-shelf hardware and software (WAGA).
  • Developed, published and implemented safety program for Electronic News Gathering (ENG) operations that was accepted and adopted by numerous stations, the government of Canada, and a mast manufacturer. (WAGA)
  • Technical Production Manager and Transmission for 24 camera, live parade broadcast originating from ten remote ground locations and two helicopters. (WAGA)

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